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PicsArt vs LightRoom which 1 looks Amazing

PicsArt vs Lightroom in our digital life now revolves around photo editing. PicsArt and Adobe Lightroom are two popular options for photo editing. In this article, we’ll go through both tools PicsArt and Adobe Lightroom, and mention their key differences. So that you can choose according to your needs.

What is PicsArt?

It is a versatile mobile app for photo editing and graphic design. It is really fa, us among new graphic designer enthusiasts because of its friendly UI. It is suitable for those who want touch-ups on mobile or tablets. They can easily access this tool on their smartphone and then easily upload these photographs to social media.

What is Lightroom?

It is a part of the Creative Cloud collection and is excellent for photo editing software. Photographers and graphic designers are big fans of Adobe Lightroom due to its precise editing and library management capabilities. It offers powerful improvement and editing tools.

Key Differences between PicsArt vs Lightroom

The major key differences between PicsArt vs Lightroom are to be discussed here. Some of the major features that make PicsArt or Adobe Lightroom a unique editing platform from others. We will discuss some of the major features of PicsArt vs Adobe Lightroom here. This will help you to decide what tools will be beneficial for you in terms of applying creativity to your pictures.

User Interface

Let us compare whose user interface is better between PicsArt vs Lightroom.

  • The interface of PicsArt is simple and mobile-friendly. Without an extensive learning process, it is basic for beginners to begin editing.
  • While Lightroom offers a greater number of features, the learning process is harder. Its desktop version provides a more complex interface designed for professionals.

Feature Set

Comparing which has the best feature set between PicsArt vs Lightroom.

  • PicsArt offers a variety of fun and creative features, including stickers, filters, and tools for drawing. It’s ideal for those who value creating engaging social media content.
  • Lightroom focuses on professional photo editing with features such as detailed color correction, lens correction, and complex correction. It is suitable for those who require accuracy and high-quality editing.

Library Management

Library management feature between PicsArt vs Lightroom.

  • Lightroom excels in library management, with features for organizing, tagging, and arranging a large number of photographs. This is an essential requirement for professional photographers.
  • PicsArt focuses primarily on individual photo changes as compared to comprehensive photo organization.


Who thinks accessibility is better PicsArt vs Lightroom?

  • PicsArt is mainly a mobile application, but it also has a web-based version, making it available across multiple devices.
  • There is a mobile version of Lightroom, but its full capabilities are best applied on a desktop or laptop computer. It also provides cloud-based photo sharing for easy use.


Which pricing feature is not going to affect your Budget between PicsArt vs Lightroom?

  • PicsArt provides a free version with ads and a PicsArt Gold subscription without advertisements and with additional features.
  • Lightroom is a paid-for Adobe Creative Cloud photo editing app. It offers a 7-day free trial, however, an annual or monthly plan is necessary for continued use.


Your choice between PicsArt vs Lightroom will entirely focus on requirements, needs, and level of skill. PicsArt may be an excellent choice for casual users who want to have fun with creative photo editing and share their creations on social media. Professional photographers or graphic designers usually select Adobe Lightroom due to its high-quality editing tools and comprehensive library management. It allows them to go professional with their projects.

When making a decision, consider your budget, objectives, and favorite platform (mobile or desktop). Both applications have distinctive features, so your decision should be based on your own tastes and needs.

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