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[www.pixartapk.com] Terms and conditions administrate the usage of the site.

If you are using this website currently or accessing it for any sort of files or content, it means you comply with the Terms and Conditions of the website. If somehow you do not agree with the Terms and conditions, please stop using the website.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions defines the legal rules and responsibilities of the visitor of the website. It explains the services and rights of the [www.pixartapk.com]. Read the Terms of Use very carefully. Remember you agree to the Terms of the website while using the content or the files.

[www.pixartapk.com] is not associated or the parent website in any way. Neither do we claim to provide apps of the Play Store or Android apps. All of the games and applications are under the trademark of Google. These applications are the property of Android or come under the publisher, or developer. These applications can be altered or modified only by the developer. We have no right to make changes to these applications. The Android apps can only be downloaded for personal and home use.

We [www.pixartapk.com] only share the PicsArt APK file for free. The APK file is a similar file available in the PlayStore. This file does not contain any cheat or modified code. By downloading or using the APK file, the user won’t get access to other modifications or settings.

Standby to our Agreement

These Terms are the legislative regulations set by the owner of the website towards the USER, and YOU. [www.pixartapk.com] is referred to as WE, OUR, and US. It is a legal agreement to which you agree to use the website and the associated services provided by our website in the present or future.

Do read the entire Privacy Policy when you start using the website. Terms and Conditions page often changes or amendments are made with time. There might be a possibility, we do not provide any notification after making amendments. You still are bound to follow these Terms and Conditions with amendments. Do review the conditions page every time the visitor visits the site.

[www.pixartapk.com] only features general and basic information that assists hundreds of people worldwide. However, no information from the site should be taken as advice, endorsement, or warranty. The articles are informational while the content includes graphics and pictures for information only. You may consider the content for entertainment as well but not challenging any professional experience or advice. It is better to continue the learning and review the Privacy Policy, under the Privacy Policy tab. It also contains information that may answer several questions regarding the privacy of an individual to use our website.

Restrictions and Limitations

The data on the website in the form of articles, information, pictures, or graphics holds copyright property. However, it is the copyright property of the licensors, content suppliers, or licensees. Even the trade names, service marks, or trademarks are the propriety of us and content suppliers, licensors, or licensees.

Our website does not contain or provide any right, title, license, or interest to the intellectual property of the third party. Any sort of information or content should not be reproduced, republished, copied, posted, uploaded, transmitted, or distributed in such a way that violates the law or Terms and Conditions.

  • It is best to use the site for learning purposes.
  • The website is not used for commercial purposes or does not harm the owners of the website or other entities or a person.
  • Our website must not be used for unlawful purposes or for improper cause without limitation or to violate the requirements, procedures, and policies.
  • The information does not breach, disrupt, or interfere with the site network, servers, or security.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you only use the content of our site and do not violate the law, or federal, state, or local rules.
  • We, as the owners of the [www.pixartapk.com] commit to protect the children’s privacy.
  • The website is not designed or not intended to attract children of age 13 or under.

We do not collect any sort of personal information from any person or a child age 13 or under.

Third-party links and Websites

The content on the website in the form of articles will contain hyperlinks and direct the user to Third party websites. Even the search results may respond to other websites, advertisers, content partners, and sponsors. The third-party links may or may not use any form of logo or ads on their own sites so any damage through the links cannot be claimed. Do not hold us responsible for any services, content, and privacy policies hosted or directed by a third party.


Providing us with suggestions, feedback, comments, or via email means you are communicating. This means you also agree to receive communication replies electronically from us. We can send you an e-mail or contact you by posting any notice on the site.

You hold consent to all agreements, disclosures, notices, and other electronic communication to satisfy the legal requirement.


You do not cause any damage to our network, or website. Moreover, you won’t interfere with the entity or any person associated with the site. You also do not launch or use any sort of automated system to access [www.pixartapk.com]. You do not send an inappropriate number of requests or messages to us or our associated servers in a limited time which a human cannot produce by using a web browser.

We hold consent from you that you will not take any sort of action or impose inappropriate load on the website infrastructure.


  • We hold consent from you to defend and protect our content providers, distributors, licensees, licensors, representatives, agents, and authorized users.
  • You agree to defend and protect the foregoing persons, distributors, suppliers, service providers, resellers, respective directors, officers, employees, owners, representatives, agents, and successors.
  • You may not provide any harm or do not incur any damage, loss, costs, or liabilities by indemnified parties.

At our expense we can employ a counsel and control the matter related to indemnification by the user, or you. You agree to cooperate and provide defense in any sort of claim.

Disclaimer of Liability

  • We or any of our team members such as officers, employees, affiliates, successors, or content providers are not liable to you or any third party for any claim of damages, special, incidental, or damage to the computer in the form of a virus.
  • We hold no liability for any damage resulting from accessing information or downloading the file or causing failure to the system in any manner.
  • We are not liable for any event causing damage in connection with the site.
  • We are not liable for the content accuracy, legality, or completeness of material on our site or any delay or interruption in the performance due to fire, flood, storm, earthquake, natural disaster, terrorism, or threat.
  • We are not liable or held responsible for civil disturbance, supplies, insufficient material, loss of internet, or change of law or rules, regulations, or any other judgment.

General Provisions

We own the right to discontinue, modify, permanently, OR temporarily the website with notice or without any notice. We are not liable in any event to any third party or you for any suspension, modification, or discontinuance of the website.

Due to any event or for any provision, the Terms and Conditions be declared illegal, void, unenforceable, or invalid, the provision in part or as a whole will be severable and not affect the validity of the other provisions of Terms and Conditions as mentioned. However, a jurisdiction court may revise the provision and make necessary adjustments to it.

The laws governing the matters out of the Terms and conditions will not affect the law’s principles or any conflicts that will apply to the laws of the jurisdiction. Any claim or dispute about the Terms and conditions will be settled by federal or local courts.

We can also terminate the Terms and Conditions without any reason or notice. On termination, the user will cease from our site. The Terms and Conditions with other procedures, policies, agreements, and notices on the website contain better understanding in relation with the user or you shall not hold any right to replace the agreements and understanding whether oral or written dealings.


Any of the comments by you must not contain any misleading information or hateful speech. We hold liability to take action against you if you comment on inappropriate speech.

We can terminate you or the user from using the website currently or in the future. We will not tolerate any rumors or advertisements done for any brand or product in the comments. This will lead to the termination of the member using the website.  


If you have any related comments and questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, or practicing the site, you can contact the team through email. You can also contact the support members for the best assistance.